• A Weekend on Main - Downtown Reactivation - Street Closure Details

  • Date:June 19, 2020 to November 1, 2020.
  • Time:04:00 PM to 08:00 PM
  • Location:Main Street
  • In an effort to continue to support our downtown merchants, the City of Pleasanton has graciously agreed to continue the closure to vehicle access throughout Main Street on weekends in order to allow all downtown merchants the opportunity to expand their business footprint; what we're calling A Weekend on Main. Main Street will be closed every Friday afternoon through Sunday evening starting at 2PM Fridays (open for pedestrian use at 4PM) and ending at 8PM Sundays. The street closure will follow this format every weekend through Sunday, November 1st depending on future allowances and regulations from the ACPHD. Click HERE for a map of the closure plus additional details. 

    The goal is to make our downtown more desirable to more people by making it easier and safer to walk through. There is a wide spectrum of people in our community with varying opinions on the pandemic, but regardless of any facts that can be presented for or against those opinions, the reality is that many people are going to continue to be cautious about going out and engaging in the local economy. This implementation will address the need for physical distancing and interior capacity limitations at the direction of the ACPHD. The goal is to make our downtown accessible to as many people along this spectrum of varying opinions as possible in an effort to support downtown businesses.

    If you plan to join us downtown, we ask that you be mindful of the health and safety of yourself and your community members. Please be sure to follow all safety protocols put in place by the Alameda County Public Health Department and State of California.
    - Masks MUST be worn at all times (the only exception being when you are seated for dining)
    - At least 6ft of physical distance must be maintained with others around you
    - Watch for nearby cyclists, motorists, and traffic at cross streets. While bikers are permitted to ride during the closure, we ask that riders be mindful of pedestrians and proceed slowly and cautiously down Main Street. If you wish to cycle at a faster pace, please utilize First Street or Peters Ave. to do so.
    Please remember that you are also required to abide by all rules and regulations implemented by businesses prior to entering their establishments. Our downtown businesses have been working hard to implement best practices that will keep you and their employees safe throughout your shopping or dining experience.

    Throughout this crisis our community has showed their love and support for our downtown businesses in a big way and now more than ever they need our continued support as we navigate recovery. Please make the commitment to Support Downtown Safely and show up for the incredible small businesses we love here in downtown Pleasanton. They NEED us all right now to make it through! 

    Visit our Support Downtown Safely Webpage for a list of businesses that you can support safely through this time. Whether it's stopping in for brunch on the patio of your favorite restaurant, enjoying some retail therapy at one of our many shops downtown, ordering takeout or goods for delivery, or purchasing a gift card to use at a later date, there's a way that everybody can continue to show their support for our small businesses. 

    To view the Alameda County Public Health Department's most updated orders, please visit this link.

    Parking Suggestions during the Street Closure:
    The following lots are open to the public Friday at 2PM through Sunday at 8PM.

    - Library Lot - 400 Old Bernal Ave. 
    - Civic Center Lot - 200 Old Bernal Ave.
    - Public Lot at Firehouse Arts Center - 4444 Railroad Ave.
    - Public Lot - 500 St. Mary St.