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Business Name

348 St. Mary Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Steve Hervas
T: (925) 750-8888

Fine Chinese Restaurant.

205 Main Street, Suite E
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Mark Arola
T: (925) 730-4396

Our focus is on helping clients prepare for the two major concerns in retirement - creating safe and predictable income sources and protection from catastrophic health care expenses.  This is accomplished through the carefully planned use of insurance and safe money alternatives such as long term care and life insurance, and annuity programs.

252 Spring St.
Pleasanton, CA 94566
William Miller
T: (925) 931-4600

Providing telecommunications for the greater area.

533 Peters Avenue, Ste 200
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Michael Kellam
T: (925) 750-7682

Individual addiction and dual diagnosis counseling.

120 Spring Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Charlotte R Hargrave
T: (925) 577-4736
F: (925) 249-9190

Atlas Document Preparation Services helps simplify complicated legal forms for people who wish to represent themselves in a legal matter. Helping you with form preparation and filing them is our business. A legal document service helps those who do not need an attorney. We ask you a series of questions to populate legal forms on your behalf.

An attorney may charge high fees to have a paralegal do the same work a Legal Document Assistant or "Peoples Paralegal" can do for you.